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Tears of Ice

2010-07-26 00:52:13 by NintendoFlash

Sorry for the long wait, but I've been having computer issues again. I have returned to animating, so keep your eyes out for The Legend of Korah Chapter V....eventually. Meanwhile I will be posting up every week or so a new original song for The Legend of Korah on my Youtube Account, so make sure to keep up with my Youtube Account! Right now, all the music that will be placed have yet to appear in the series, but will begin to appear in the future.

Enjoy "Tears of Ice," the original music for TLOK until Ch V is released! It's the music for whenever Korah is sad, depressed, or thinking of the past. Music created by my partner, Snow Taradien. pWdQ

Tears of Ice


2009-09-28 19:15:30 by NintendoFlash

I've finally got my own DeviantArt. Woot.

Check out my artwork. I'll probably be putting some of my own artwork in my flash somehow.

Please excuse my absense

2009-08-24 18:42:04 by NintendoFlash

I hadn't had a computer for months, which explains my lack of updates and such. I've started working on The Legend of Korah again, so be on your toes for a new chapter. Here's a little picture of Chapter 4 to tease you guys.

Please excuse my absense

Blizzard Blade Forums

2008-11-26 15:29:19 by NintendoFlash

I've finally decided to make my own forums. It's going to be based around The Legend of Korah. It's a good a place for me to organize the rest of the episodes of TLOK. You can also help contribute to TLOK with giving me ideas and such. All are welcome. orum.htm

A Super Smash Flash 2 Annoucnement

2008-11-12 18:46:30 by NintendoFlash

So much progress has happened in the production of SSF2 since my teaser that the teaser is completely outdated. Mario, Link, and Sora will have a change in sprites. Some of the moves have been changed, new stages added, etc.

So don't base SSF2 off my teaser anymore, cause SSF2 is so much better now.

In other news, The Legend of Korah Chapter II is being made as we speak. I can't say when it'll be released, it's to early in development to say so, but I'd just like to let you guys know, and not leave you in the dark.

That's right folks! The Legend of Korah finally makes it's reappearance! I'm not setting any release dates yet, but I will be making a new episode soon.

So, why did it take so long? Spriting. I had to sprite Korah, and someone else had to sprite Snow (the other character in the pic). I've also been spriting other characters unrelated to TLOK. I've been spriting characters for SSF2. Who are they? I'd prefer not to say, because most of them are probably secret characters. The only sprite I probably can tell you that I made was Pit.

Anyways, sit tight, folks! Episode one of The Legend of Korah is coming soon!

The Legend of Korah makes its return!

My YouTube Account

2008-07-16 17:42:22 by NintendoFlash

Now I have my own YouTube account, here: sh
It will have all of my flash videos and such, so give me some comments, add ratings, etc., etc.

My YouTube Account

Well, I'm bored, so let me just talk about myself

I'm a 16 year old who lives in Olrando, FL. It's always hot, and when it's cold (like 40F), other places consider it hot. I attend a school that gives us Laptops, which is badass. It helped me start my spriting and my animation career.

My first flash (Link VS Kirby) came out well (even though I nearly got blammed. Those haters..). I firgued out how to use Macromedia FireWorks (more options than paint, easier to use than PhotShop) and Macromedia MX Flash 2004 (Animation program).

I'm never on these forums because no one seems to reply to any of my posts. I will always be here to post my flashes though

Now, I go to Mcleodgaming. I post there all the time, and probably the best place to reach me.

Current Projects I'm working on? Nothing really. I don't flash much because lack of inspiration, and the fact my ratings never get above a 3.75, even though I think they're all great. I guess no one seems to like sprite flashes, even though some of the sprites were edited by me.

As I just said, I am a spriter. I'm a spriter first, an animator second. What kind of sprites? Most of them will be appearing in SSF2. I made about 6 that are going to be appearing in SSF2, I made about 10 that will appear as expansions for SSF2. I made a few custom characters, but they aren't that great. I made 3 assist trophies for the game, and about 5 stages. I've probably helped out the most for SSF2 besides a few others.

I own Brawl, and own the majority of people I play. If you want a challenge, I'm guarnteed to give you one. The character I use is Diddy Kong. Although everybody seems to be hating on that little monkey, he's the best because of his small size, and speed. And he's pretty strong for his size.

That's a little bit more about me. Not much else I can say that you guys would care about.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Banana's kick ass.

A little a bit more about me

Today I have released a new flash cartoon! (Yeah, I know. It took me a while.)

Anyways, this Flash has been released today, so please check it out!

If you want to learn more about Super Smash Flash 1 & 2 or learn about Cleod-9, go to one of the links below!

Link to Cleod-9's site:

Link to the SSF2 Demo: s

Link to the original Super Smash Flash: s

Link ot the offical SSF2 DOJO!:

Oh, and if you would like to advertise SSF2, please use this image and link it to the SSF2 Demo!

Super Smash Flash 2 Teaser Trailer released today!

Super Smash Bros Brawl

2008-03-10 19:08:48 by NintendoFlash

Any one else have it? This game just kicks ass. If you want to play me, here's my #. Just post your # and I'll beat your butt with Diddy Kong!